Will Your Gamer Survive College?

By Melanie Hempe, RN Note: Originally published on July 22, 2016 by Families Managing Media. I recently returned from my daughter’s college orientation at a large state university: one-and-a-half days packed full of tips and overviews on how to help your student be successful in college, from what food plan may be best to what size …

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Do I Have An Addiction To The Internet Or Video Games?

Brief Questionnaires to Assess for Addiction to the Internet and Video Games [divider style=”solid” color=”#cccccc” opacity=”1″ icon_color=”#666666″ icon_size=”15″ placement=”equal”] It is very likely you or your child is addicted to the Internet if most or all of the following statements are true: Preoccupied with the Internet (thinks about previous online activity or anticipate next online …

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Collegiate Coaching Services Offers an Effective Approach to Treating Young Adults with Internet and Video Game Addiction

The problems young adults experience as a result of compulsive Internet use and video game play is a growing concern for parents. Current studies have identified that 13-18.5% of college-aged young adults have “Internet Addiction Disorder”.  Among males, who constitute the majority of video game players, the 15-to 25-year-old age group is expanding most significantly. …

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We are now enrolling students in our Summer College Preparatory Program! In-Person (Hybrid) and Virtual programs are available.