Virtual Coaching Services

Virtual coaching allows us to provide support to students no matter where they reside around the globe. Collegiate Coaching offers virtual coaching services to high school students and young adults interested in pursuing executive function coaching and young adults 21 and over interested in professional development coaching. We also offer virtual therapeutic coaching. Our seasoned coaches are trained to work with clients at a distance, including employing the use of video conferencing software, shared documents and helpful online and offline tools.

Students who engage in Collegiate Coaching Services during their freshman year of college achieve an average 3.08 GPA (B) versus the average 2.17 (C) who do not. Our highly trained coaches can help!

Coaching Services Offered Online

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive function coaching can help individuals who struggle to structure their day, manage their class schedule and responsibilities, manage their employment responsibilities, or struggle to interact appropriately with their peers, parents, and others in their lives. Read more about Executive Function Coaching from Collegiate Coaching Services.

What is Professional Development Coaching?

Our professional development coaches work collaboratively with adults ages 21 and over who are preparing to graduate or who already have graduated from college to develop and implement strategies and tools to find their career passion and take the next step toward financial independence. Read more about Professional Development Coaching from Collegiate Coaching Services.

What is Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic coaching supports young adults who have engaged in psychotherapy or treatment programs to take the skills and insights they acquired in therapy and transfer them to their daily life. Read more about virtual therapeutic coaching from Collegiate Coaching Services.