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~Robin Sharma

2023 Pre-College Summer Program

Experience college-level coursework while receiving individual coaching and support. In person or online.

Executive Function Coaching

We provide executive function coaching to teens, young adults and adults who live locally and in the U.S.

Therapeutic Coaching

We provide therapeutic coaching to young adults ages, 18-30+.

Executive Function

Our services are personalized to meet specific learning, neurodevelopmental and emotional needs as they relate to academic, employment and life management success. We support students to prepare for college, adjust to campus life, and cope with stressors commonly associated with more responsibility. Our expert coaches provide effective skills and strategies to enhance the executive function processes, as well as emotional self regulation.


Our team specializes in digital media overuse and addiction issues, co-existing substance abuse, anxiety, depression, executive function deficits and lack of social connection. We incorporate innovative interventions and approaches to treat, teach and empower the young person to embrace abstinence from the problem behavior, overcome fears and avoidance associated with anxiety, connect socially, and utilize technology in a healthy, moderate way.

Life Management Skills

Each of the three elements of Collegiate Coaching Services (Academics, Community and Recovery) are supported by our life management coaching. Acquiring and mastering practical skills is a critical component in order for young adults to thrive while living independently. Confidently managing life management skills is the foundation for academic success, community connection and a successful recovery.

What Our Clients Say

“When Sara first started college, I sometimes wondered if I should just bring her home–she was so overwhelmed and miserable. But her executive function coach, Beth got her through that difficult period. Today, Sara is a confident student and has new academic interests that she is passionate about. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester and is proud of her academic achievements. Beth’s coaching has played an indispensable role in Sara’s success.”


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