Virtual Professional Development Coaching

  • Adults ages 21+ who live in the U.S. and around the globe.
  • Are preparing to graduate or have a college degree and are preparing to take the next big step towards finding their career passion and financial independence.
  • Applying for or enrolled in a graduate, medical, or other higher education after college.
  • Struggles with job acquisition and maintaining employment post-college.
  • Are seeking a vocational degree/certification and have a high school diploma.

The adults we support are motivated and willing to receive the support and guidance we provide.

Our Clients:

  • Are motivated to pursue a post-graduate internship or job.
  • Are interested in exploring and applying for graduate coursework, including preparation for the LSATs, MCATs, etc.
  • Experience difficulty connecting with peers and social activities.
  • Have executive functioning limitations and challenges.
  • Struggle with time management and organization.
  • Are willing to engage with their coach to identify goals and be successful.
  • May have learning differences.
  • Someone who works collaboratively with you to develop and implement strategies and tools to get you on track.
  • Your accountability person, someone who provides no judgment, is empathetic, warm, and fun, yet won’t let you stray too far away from your goals and objectives.
  • Helps craft both short and long-term career goals
  • Offers client-centered education and strategies
  • Supports the client to develop a study schedule and routine, and coaches provide accountability to the client to support their follow through.
  • Incorporates self-care and supports the development of a personal work-life balance.
  • Explore feelings around confidence, anxiety, and/or fear.
  • Understand their limitations and what can be done to accommodate and improve life management skills.
  • Assess strengths and create an occupational and life management plan based on this information.
  • Improve motivation and feelings of empowerment.
  •  Investigate questions about academic policies and options and support the client in finding the answers.
  • Advocate for oneself in a work or graduate-academic setting.