How Our Coaches Help Students Achieve Academic Success

We’re confident that if you receive executive function coaching or other services from Collegiate Coaching Services, you’ll be very satisfied with our individualized, expert approach, as well as our level of responsibility and responsiveness to you as the client. We’re not only confident in our ability to effectively coach clients, we know we can support you and/or your child to take action where needed to improve performance and reach goals. Read on to learn some of the reasons why.
Why students need coaching for academic success

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Our Outcomes

Students already on academic probation are in good academic standing after an average of 2 semesters with Collegiate Coaching Services.

  • 30% of GPA’s increase by 1 letter grade
  • Average Freshman GPA with CCS: 3.08/B
  • Average Freshman GPA without CCS: 2.17/C

The average length of coaching is 2 semesters or 1 calendar year. Comparison of CCS students who began coaching freshman year to similarly matched students who began coaching after freshman year. All data collected from students who worked with CCS for at least 1 full semester.

Executive Functioning Coaches with Experience

We opened our doors in 2008 to provide an innovative, community-based coaching service unlike any other in Boulder and Colorado. We were the first to provide in-person executive function coaching services in Boulder, CO, and the surrounding areas. Through our virtual executive function coaching and virtual therapeutic coaching services, we have become one of the most prominent and successful coaching services in the United States. In 2021, we launched our in-person executive function coaching services in Boston, MA, at select universities.

Qualified Clinicians and Leaders

Our team of highly qualified and seasoned clinicians and leaders are experts in executive functioning and mental health. We provide neuropsychological & psychoeducational evaluations in critical areas such as executive functioning, mental health, motivation, performance, family systems, and neurodevelopmental conditions, such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Specific Learning Differences, and academic, work-place, and life management success. 

"CCS is excellent at finding the right coach for the right client. They understand their clients' needs and focus on them building actual skills."
— Former CCS Client

Our Clients

Collegiate Coaching Services works with students in high school and college. We value neurodiversity and support a variety of adolescents and young adults.

  • 78% have diagnosed ADHD / ADD

  • 12% are autistic or have an autism related diagnosis.

  • 69% have a mental health diagnosis.

  • 26% have a diagnosed learning disability

  • 70% of our clients are male.

  • 30% of our clients are female.

  • The majority of our clients participate in executive function coaching or transition to this service.

  • 1 in 4 CCS clients participate in therapeutic coaching services.

In-Person Coaching Services

Boulder – We prioritize in-person coaching services on the student’s campus in Boulder, CO, including the University of Colorado at Boulder. We’ve had a strong collaborative relationship with CU-Boulder since 2010 and are one of their primary referrals for students’ academic and mental health supports.

Boston – We prioritize in-person coaching services to select universities in Boston, MA. Being in the same physical space with a support person, such as a coach, increases clients’ overall well-being and motivation to learn, enhances their creativity and problem-solving skills, and supports their integration and connection to their campus.

Virtual Executive Functioning Coaching Services

Our services are accessible to all, regardless of where you live and/or attend school. Our coaching services have been adapted to meet clients’ needs who cannot access our services in person and require virtual coaching services.

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Innovative Curriculum and Approach

We developed and continue to refine an innovative curriculum and approach based on years of research in executive functions and mental health, paired with ongoing practical experience and collecting client data.

Science-Based Habit Development Curriculum – We embrace the science behind habit development. That means consistent meetings with the coach that include practicing new habits repeatedly during two or more coaching sessions per week for all new clients. Habit developments are triggered by a “cue”. In this case, that’s the presence of the coach. Our clients feel rewarded during each session, whether due to showing up or because they completed a tedious task. These processes are not only key to the new behaviors becoming automatic or second nature, but they also support change in a more efficient manner which leads to obtaining goals and better outcomes overall.

Data Driven Approach – We collect client data such as grade point averages, standardized questionnaires, and functional outcomes. Regularly collecting and analyzing client data allows us to learn what is effective in our approach, which leads to us improving client outcomes. We share our client outcomes on our website for visitors to review as part of their process to determine if we are a good fit.

Our clients report significant executive functional improvements in the following areas after 6 months of coaching with CCS:

  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Restraint & Inhibition
  • Organization & Problem Solving
  • Time-Management
  • Regulation of Stress & Overwhelm

Our coaches hold master’s degrees in education, clinical psychology, counseling and marriage & family therapy or other related degrees.

Our coaches hold master’s degrees in education, clinical psychology, counseling and marriage & family therapy or other related degrees.

  • We are experts at executive functioning and mental health.
  • We specialize in executive functioning coaching for college students, high school students, and young adults.
  • We excel at helping clients with conditions like ADHD, Autism, and Specific Learning Differences, to achieve academic, work-place, and life management success
  • We are highly qualified and seasoned providers of neuropsychological & psychoeducational evaluations.

28-Day Commitment

Unlike most executive functioning coaching services that require an entire semester of your time, an up-front financial commitment, and a policy of use it or lose it, we require a 28-day commitment. Our clients determine, based on the value they experience, whether they will commit to another 28-day coaching agreement. Goals are constantly evolving and updated each coaching agreement period to support our clients in maintaining their focus and persisting until they reach their goals.

Parent Coaching

Our therapeutic and executive functioning coaching services also include parent coaching. We view parents as the experts on their child, and we value our collaborative relationship with parents. We also recognize that parents are often ready to see their children take on more responsibility and want to step back. That’s where we come in. One of our objectives is to support you to determine where you can step back as we continue supporting the young person’s ability to develop more competency and make responsible choices. Parents who do not live near their child’s college campus feel more secure knowing we regularly connect with their child.

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  • In-person Executive Function and Therapeutic Coaching Services for college-bound students in Boulder, Colorado
  • In-person Executive Function Coaching Services for college-bound students in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Virtual Coaching Services for students around the globe