Office Hours with the College Professor

Many students, especially those at large universities, never have the chance to form meaningful or lasting relationships with their professors. However, developing these connections not only has positive impacts on students academically, but it can also improve students’ overall well-being, and provide opportunities for growth in the future. The relationships formed in office hours with …

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Collegiate Coaching Services College Preparatory Summer Program For Teens & Young Adults

Develop & Master Executive Function Strategies Each week, students will engage in a simulated college classroom that exposes them to real experiences and challenges that they may face in college. The simulated college classroom will be an early American history course that will focus on early European colonization to the end of Reconstruction in 1877. …

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10 Tips for Getting Connected at CU Boulder

The University of Colorado-Boulder is a large campus with many opportunities to get involved. While the options can be exciting, they can also be intimidating. Below are ten tips for ways to get involved at CU: Check out the CU Campus Events Calendar.The events calendar lists many of the events occurring on campus each day. …

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We are now enrolling students in our Summer College Preparatory Program! In-Person (Hybrid) and Virtual programs are available.