Therapeutic Coaching for Young Adults

Collegiate Coaching Services provides therapeutic coaching, parent coaching and supervised independent living support in Boulder, CO, the surrounding communities, and on the college campus to young men and women ages 18-30.

Many of our young adult clients have experienced some level of outpatient therapy and therapeutic programs prior to coming to work with us. After working with young adults for several years in a variety of settings, we have developed a service that values traditional therapy and its ability to enhance and improve ones life. We then took it a few steps further and added the goal of assisting our clients to put what they have discovered about themselves and the skills they have learned into action.

Our coaching services help guide young adults seeking independence to develop a strong foundation from which to build on. This foundation is comprised of three critical elements: Academics, Community Connection, and Recovery. Each element is supported by practical skills coaching.  Practical skills, such as effective communication and the ability to organize and budget are imperative for our clients to learn and become competent in, in order for them to stay on track with their goals.

In partnership with our clients, an individualized action plan is developed in each area, and implemented based on their goals, strengths, and areas that are in need of improvement. We value and encourage input from parents, other family members, and those professionals who have had a positive influence in their lives when developing the action plans.
We work with young adults who:

  • Are enrolled in college and in need of support to be successful.
  • Plan to attend college and are in need of support to become more prepared to live independently and be prepared academically.
  • Have a college degree and are experiencing difficulty transitioning successfully into the workplace due to issues such as, addictions, substance abuse, social anxiety, and low confidence and motivation.
  • Want to live independently from parents; their primary focus is employment and the are ambivalent about attending college.
  • Are transitioning to the community and/or college campus from primary treatment, wilderness therapeutic programs, aftercare, and transitional living programs and are ready for independent living.
  • Are committed to sobriety.
  • Are struggling with sobriety and desire accountability and support to follow through with an effective recovery plan.
  • Are supported by their parent(s) in their desire to become independent, healthy adults.