Rock Climbing with Our Clients

Physical activity and social interaction are two important keys to a healthy life. At Collegiate Coaching Services, we strive to expose our clients to fun, healthy, and empowering activities that will expand their comfort zones and push them to achieve their full potential. Rock climbing, especially indoor, has continuously been a well-liked activity amongst our young adult clients (and our coaches!!). There are three rock climbing/bouldering gyms in Boulder, Movement, Boulder Rock Club, and The Spot. All offer annual, monthly, and daily passes. On Wednesday and Friday evenings, Phoenix Multisport, a sober, active community in town, hosts climbing at the Boulder Rock Club starting at 6pm. This free, weekly event allows us to interact with others who are working to live healthy lives, learn about rock climbing and participate in climbing clinics, and also stay active and have fun.˜

Headshot of Julia ReesJulia Rees, Therapeutic Coach