Managing Finances

One very important life skill that is essential to living independently is financial management. Managing money is something that many young adults have little to no experience in, and it can be very difficult and confusing when living on one’s own for the first time. As our clients are transitioning into self-sufficiency, we work on things like opening and managing bank accounts, writing checks, paying bills and rent, and budgeting. We meet each client where they are in their financial experience and knowledge in order to create a method of financial management that works best for them and their individual needs. Coaches and clients use methods such as spread sheets, online resources, mobile apps, and paper and pen tracking of expenses in order to get a better idea of where a client’s money is going so we can make realistic spending goals. We then continue to track spending to make sure these goals are being met. Learning how to save and spend responsibly can be an empowering skill on a young adult’s journey towards independence.

–  Julia Rees, Therapeutic Coach