Hybrid (in-person/virtual) Therapeutic Coaching Services

We offer a hybrid approach to young adults and students who reside along the front range, and/or attend schools along the front range such as, School of Mines, Front Range Community College, CU-Denver, Denver University (DU), Denver-based community colleges, Metro State University, and Colorado State University (CSU) in Ft. Collins, CO.

We require some level of in-person contact for our clients who live within 45 minutes of our location in central Boulder. This may look like 1-3 days of in-person coaching; however, we collaborate with our client and their parents to determine a reasonable plan that will support their identified goals and emotional, social, and developmental needs. At times, our coaches may meet with their clients in Denver and surrounding areas if possible, however this Is not guaranteed. During in-person sessions, we prioritize several key areas such as, but not limited to, academic and employment support and preparation, social skills development, and physical movement, which may include engaging in activities outdoors, such as walking, hiking, frisbee golf, and more. Many of our clients struggle with social isolation, depression, anxiety, and low levels of resiliency and motivation. One of the most effective tools to combat these areas of challenge is engaging face-to-face. The power of meeting face-to-face leads provides many positives for the young adult, such as, improved mood, increased motivation, and an improved “can-do” attitude.

For clients engaging in our hybrid services, we have important criteria that must be met for therapeutic coaching services to be initiated.

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