Community Cycles’s Earn-a-Bike Program

Community Cycles

As a means of helping our participants engage with a wide variety of interests in life, Collegiate Coaching Services uses the aspects of the Boulder community to connect them with exploratory avenues of interest.  Community Cycles is one such opportunity we hope to utilize.  At Community Cycles, clients can volunteer their time.  This develops an altruistic regard for others’ benefit.  This program also teaches autonomy by educating their volunteers on a mechanical skill they’ve not previously had.  Together with their coach, many clients will chose to commit some of their time to Community Cycles because of their Earn-a-Bike program.  This encourages the knowledge volunteers gain to be put into practice for 15 cumulative hours in order to earn the skilled building of their own bike right in shop!  Often, the camaraderie and utility of this venture brings a new perspective to clients’ sobriety, proactivity, and goals they set for a new direction in life.

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Anthony Riske, Therapeutic Coach