Supervised Independent Living Services

At Collegiate Coaching Services, we strive to provide young adults coming from previous therapeutic programs or their family home in another state with a seamless transition to Boulder, CO. Our objective is to provide a supervised living experience while also being supported to immerse in to real life as much as possible. This allows the young adult opportunities to practice and master important life management skills and build confidence along the way with our guidance and accountability. We cast a wide safety net around the client, so when they hit rough patches or need more structure, we can easily step in and provide it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our therapeutic coaches, parent coaches, and therapists understand the structure that exists in wilderness therapy and residential treatment centers. We support our clients in maintaining and growing upon the healthy habits that they learned in their previous programs. Clients generally graduate from residential/wilderness programs with big toolbox of skills. We make it our mission to make sure that these tools don’t get rusty by supporting our clients to transfer them in to real life.

We ensure our young adult clients feel comfortable and supported in their new, more independent lifestyle. One important step we take to ensure a positive transition to CCS is to collaborate with key support people involved in the young adult’s life prior to the move, such as parents, educational consultant, and their previous treatment team.

Our team at CCS supports and guides our clients’ to successfully transfer the skills learned in their previous program into the “real world”. We work with our clients to learn and practice life skills of all types such as financial management, improving executive functioning skills, which involve managing life tasks of types, such as organizing, planning, and executing. We support our clients in achieving these tasks by supporting them in finding and maintaining employment, budget money, create a system of organization to keep track of work schedules and when to pay bills, and increasing effective study habits. We put a strong focus on creating daily and weekly routines so that they find meaning and purpose to their hours, as well as increase the likelihood they will achieve their goals. We also help them find connection in the community with healthy activities and people.

For many of our clients, they have not lived independently just yet, or have not been successful living independently in the past either in the community or on the college campus. We understand doing so can be scary, overwhelming, and also very exciting. We strive to make this independent living experience manageable and successful by taking a strength-based approach in our work with them, focusing on what the client is capable of achieving and working from there.

As the client demonstrates an ability to follow through well with coaching support and accountability, staying on track with recovery and emotional goals, consistent follow through with their outside core structure, such as employment or college classes, as well as completing intentions between coaching meetings, we slowly step back and empower him/her to take more of a leadership role in their own life. A primary objective of our supervised independent living service is to be our clients’ last step in their therapeutic process.

For information about where our clients live, please visit the page on our website called, “Apartment Living”.