Academic Services

Who Do We Support?

The young adults we support are either venturing out for the first time to the college campus, they are continuing students, on probation or suspension, or they have taken time away from the college campus and are transfer students.

Developing a Plan for Academic Success

Coaches will support the client in developing a plan for academic success, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Becoming familiar with college campus and important locations such as tutoring center, disability center, and library.
  • Assisting the client to develop a plan with the support of their advisor and department to resolve academic probation requirements.
  • Supporting client to meet with team at the Disability Services to receive the appropriate accommodations for classes for those clients with learning disabilities and mental health issues.
  • Signing up for classes based on a plan for success.
  • Developing a study schedule each week and organizing each class based on syllabus requirements.
  • Class attendance accountability may be provided regularly through phone calls and/or in person meetings.
  • Providing transportation and initially accompanying clients to class if they have a difficult time doing so on their own due to feeling anxious (therapeutic clients only).
  • Connect the client to the appropriate services on campus such as the tutoring center, medical services, counseling services, social clubs. Our team has made it a priority to know what support and services are available on campus and will accompany the young adult to ensure the connection occurs.