Parent Coaches Are a Valuable Resource to the Family

We provide support not only to the young adult, but also to his or her parents. We understand there can be quite a bit of concern and worry during the transition to independent living especially for those parents who reside in a different part of the country. Our parent coaches collaborate with the young adult’s coach regularly and provide updates via email and phone contact, and/or in office appointments to parents. We determine along with the parents how much contact is helpful to them. During the initial month of services, we recommend weekly phone contact in order to support clear communication and to facilitate progress.

Here are a few critical reasons to enlist the service of a coach:

  • They teach and support parents to develop effective communication skills, set clear boundaries and expectations for their young adult child.
  • Provide emotional support and on-going education to parents with young a adult child struggling with emotional, educational, substance abuse and addiction issues.
  • Prepare parents and provide on-going support and guidance while their child is making the transition from out-of-home placement back into their homes or the community.

We are available to parents 7 days per week, 24 hours per day in case of an urgent need or crisis.