Who Do We Offer Academic Coaching Services to?

We offer academic coaching services to:

First-year students may struggle to adjust to the freedom and flexibility of a college schedule while also underestimating the academic rigor and expectations. With support, empowerment, inspiration, and accountability from their academic coach students can thrive during their first-year of college or work to overcome the factors that led to previous academic challenges and reach their full potential.

What Is an Academic Coach?

  • Someone who works collaboratively with you to develop and implement strategies and tools to get you on track academically.
  • Your accountability person, someone who provides no judgment, is empathetic, warm, and fun, yet won’t let you stray too far away from your goals and objectives.
  • CCS academic coaches are not academic advisors. Your academic advisor will help you understand requirements, plan your courses, and connect on campus. Your coach helps you integrate the information you learn from your advisor into your daily life. If helpful, they will join you in advising meetings.

Coaching Benefits

  • Provides and opportunity for clients to talk about their experience in college in and out of the classroom.
  • Offers client-centered education and strategies that also incorporate policies and options on each academic campus.
  • Our coaches support the client to develop a study schedule and routine, and coaches provide accountability to the client to support their follow through.

Parent Collaboration

At CCS we believe that parents play an integral role in helping young adults make the successful transition to college. Our coaches work with and support parents in several ways.

Academic Update Meetings

  • Provide updates on students ‘academic progress including successes and challenges.
  • Share our knowledge about the college campus and the resources it has to offer your son/daughter.
  • Offer referrals to our vast network of professionals, including important campus departments, tutors, neuropsychologists, and individual and family therapists specializing in addiction, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.