Career Coaching

Career Coaching and Career Assessment Services

We offer career coaching and career assessment to help our young adult clients to develop a career road map and strategies for career satisfaction and success.

Meeting with a career coach is an opportunity to talk about the big picture, and to figure out how to explore, identify, and reach your goals. Questions such as  “What do I want to do with my life?” and “Where do I see myself in five or ten years?” are important to address now and career coaching can provide you a safe, supportive environment to start finding the answers.

The CCS career coach will ask you many questions about your background – your education, work history, and your family for starters. You will then work together to develop short and long term goals related to your educational and professional plans. You may take several career assessments, which are tools designed to give you insight into your unique interests, personality and possible occupations. You will work together to identify academic majors, job titles, and career fields of interest, while also learning how compatible those areas are with your values and goals.

You have the opportunity to receive assistance in writing a resume and cover letter, or preparing for an upcoming job interview – you and the career coach will work together to develop a custom career plan tailored to you and your goals.

Career development may seem like an overwhelming, far off concept, but working with a career coach can help you get started in taking the steps to be successful and passionate about what you do.  Whether you’re overwhelmed with all of the choices and possibilities or you’re unsure of what tools are available for you to find that dream job, working with a career coach is a great way to find the answers you’re looking for.