Who Are Our Clients?

The young adults we support are motivated and willing to receive the support and guidance we provide.

Our Clients:

  • Are college freshmen in need of support and accountability.
  • Are struggling to adjust to campus life.
  • Want a college degree.
  • Experience difficulty connecting with peers and social activities.
  • Are preparing to graduate or have a college degree and are preparing to take the next big step towards finding their career passion and financial independence.
  • Have executive functioning limitations and challenges.
  • Struggle with time management and organization.
  • Are academically capable.
  • Are willing to engage with their coach to identify goals and be successful.
  • May have learning differences.
  • Often have ADHD and are seeking tools to be a successful student.
  • The parents we work with welcome the support and guidance of the coach when needed.

Common Challenges for Our Clients

Our clients are learning to cope with and/or overcome:

  • Performance and/or social anxiety.
  • Perfectionism.
  • ADHD/Executive functioning challenges; e.g., organizational, planning, preparing, prioritization.
  • Performance is enhanced when others to hold them accountable in order to complete tasks.
  • May lack internal motivation to follow through with important life skills and academic requirements.
  • Low confidence in the area of academics and socially.
  • High functioning autism.
  • Self-advocating with professors, advisors, and others.