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The College Preparatory Program includes:

College-Level Instruction

College-level Psychology 101 course taught by Professor Daniel Hipp. With added support from a teaching assistant and writing lab with tutor.

1-on-1 Executive Function Coaching

Two hours a week with an executive function coach to work on a range of skills timed to coordinate with classroom activities.

1-on-1 Parent Coaching

Individual parent coaching sessions and four informational sessions to help parents support students with their college and mental health journey.

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Who The Summer College Preparatory Program is For

The 2023 pre-college summer program is designed for teen and adult students ages 16 and above who’ve completed their junior year of high school and want to improve their academic performance by learning skills and strategies to better advocate for themselves and collaborate with others at college. Ideal candidates are preparing to attend college for the first time or returning to college after prior unsuccessful attempts. Students who have executive function difficulties, like ADHD, students who struggle with social skills or have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Social Communication Disorder (SCD), students with specific learning differences and students with mental health factors that impact motivation, such as anxiety and depression, will benefit from this course.

How the Summer College Preparatory Program Works

Individual Assessment & Action Plan

Each student will be individually assessed by the CCS Clinical Director of Academic Services and an action plan will be developed based on their identified goals, areas of strength, and challenges.

College-Level Academic Rigor

Students will engage in-person or online with an Introduction to Psychology curriculum led by an experienced university-level professor. They'll attend smaller group recitation and labs for a hands-on approach to the material presented in lectures. They'll write a college-level paper and receive high-level feedback. They'll take two exams and complete a final group project that includes a 5-10 minute presentation to the class. Grades will be assigned using college-level standards.

1-on-1 Executive Function Coaching

Every student gets 2 hours a week to meet with their coach and, behind the scenes, they'll work with them to address executive function issues that arise. For example, they'll spend one week working on memory and note-taking. The week that they get feedback from the professor on their paper, they'll work with their coach on receiving feedback and criticism.

Improve Confidence & Ability to Self-Advocate

In order to help students develop the confidence and resourcefulness necessary to succeed at the college level, they'll be challenged to prepare for assignments in different ways. For example, they'll have access to a writing tutor and instructor office hours, just like at a real college. Their executive function coach will support them in developing the self-advocacy skills to utilize these resources and collaborate one-on-one with professors and other college departments.

Parent Coaching & Seminars

Parents will attend 1-on-1 meetings with CCS coaches to discuss short and long-term goal attainment, student progress in the CCS summer course, and other items identified by students and parents. This includes an end-of-program meeting between student, parent, coach and professor to discuss how the student performed in the program and recommendations for future academic focus.

Meet the Professor

pre college summer programs 2023 professor Dan Hipp

Daniel Hipp, Ph.D.

Professor Daniel Hipp is a developmental cognitive psychologist by trade. He received his Ph.D. in cognitive and brain sciences from Binghamton University in 2015. Dr. Hipp has taught psychology courses from the introductory to upper division levels at top universities including University of Denver and Binghamton University. His teaching style emphasizes the integration of disciplines to achieve a fuller scientific understanding and meet individual student needs. Dr. Hipp has also worked as a research scientist in medical, educational, developmental and clinical fields. He is a proud parent, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, avid snowboarder and lifelong learner.

Director of Academic Services

Pre college summer programs 2023 Nicole Hipp

Dr. Nicole Hipp, Psy.D.

Dr. Nicole Hipp is a licensed psychologist who serves as the director of academic services at Collegiate Coaching Services (CCS). Dr. Hipp initially began participating in the CCS summer program as an executive function coach and eventually became the professor of the program during the summer of 2018. Today she serves as program director. She has a background as a college professor in psychology and has extensive experience assessing learning differences and cognitive challenges in high school and college students.

Additional College Prep Summer Programs 2023

Supervised Independent Living Services (SILS)

Available at an additional cost to young adults enrolled in the CCS College Preparatory Program who live in close proximity to CCS in Boulder, Colorado or are willing to relocate. Ideal for those seeking support to better prepare for life at college. Participants meet regularly with their team of CCS coaches at their apartment, near our central location, to work on issues of:

Social Activity Seminar Series

This series is designed to support adolescents and young adults with social anxiety and issues engaging face-to-face with others. Each week, our seasoned executive function coaches will lead social activity groups outdoors, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Weekly activities include hiking and games with lunch in the park. A BBQ will also be held for the 4th of July. This program is included in the cost of the Supervised Independent Living Series (SILS) and available for an additional cost to participants of the Summer College Preparatory Program.

Four-Week Social Seminar Series

Six-Week Social Seminar Series

Parent Summer Seminar Series - $350

The Parent Summer Seminar series is included in the cost of the Summer College Preparatory Program or can be purchased alone for $350. This series is designed to support parents with students transitioning to college. Participants can attend four, one-hour informational sessions facilitated by Dr. Nicole Hipp. on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Executive Function Skills and Mindset
  • Digital Media Overuse and Responsible Technology Use in College
  • How to Support Your Young Adult’s Executive Functioning: What to Do and Not Do
  • “What Comes Next?” Empowering Your Young Adult to Succeed in Higher Education.

Sessions will occur in-person in Boulder, Colorado and online for both local and remote parents.

2023 Pre-College Summer Programs Details

Summer College Prepatory Program

Each student will be individually assessed by our Clinical Director of Academic Services and an action plan will be developed based on their identified goals, and areas of strengths and challenges.

College Level Instruction

  • Students will engage in-person classroom using university-level curriculum led by a professor with experience as an educator at the college-level. In addition to lectures, students will participate in:
    • Recitation/Laboratory instruction will take place in-person with a smaller subset of same-aged peers to provide a hands-on approach to the material presented in lectures.

One-to-One In-Person EF Coaching

  • Creating summer session goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART), with a focus on improving executive function skills, like organization, planning, time-management, initiation and following-through.
  • Learning to create a weekly schedule that integrates important due dates/projects into a calendar as well as studying, exercise/physical outlets, social/group commitments, entertainment, etc.
  • Developing a favorable life management routine that includes a good sleep routine, diet, limiting or abstaining from using substances, as well as practicing responsible digital media use.
  • Examining ways to improve ability to cope with criticism and increase motivation and ‘grit’; Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset.
  • Each week an executive function process will be the focus in individual coaching meetings and the classroom:
    • Week One – Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
    • Week Two – Organization/Time Management
    • Week Three – Goal Setting
    • Week Four – Prioritization
    • Week Five – Focus
    • Week Six – Cognitive Flexibility & Self-Regulation
    • Week Seven – Memory

Office Hours

  • Weekly office hours will be available to students seeking one-to-one collaboration with the professor. This is also an opportunity to work on self-advocacy abilities and develop confidence when talking to a professor.

Writing Lab

  • Students will have the opportunity to meet with the writing tutor weekly to work on preparing for and successfully completing relevant papers and writing assignments.
  • Students will be supported by their coach to sign up to meet with the writing tutor on a regular basis. Coaches can also assist their students to utilize the writing centers or tutors near them.

Writing Lab hours will be announced during the first week of classes.

CCS coaches will provide individual meetings with parent(s) of students enrolled in the Summer College Preparatory Program to discuss short and long-term goal attainment, progress in the course, and other items identified by students and parents.

Program Review & Recommendation Meeting

  • This meeting occurs after the course is completed.
    • To include the student, parent(s), executive function coach and professor.
    • The student and parents will be provided with a summary of the student’s performance in the class and program as a whole.
    • Recommendations for next steps in the areas of; Academics/engagement in further college courses, supporting executive function development, resources to engage in for success, and more

Parent Informational Sessions
Parents are strongly recommended to attend four, one-hour informational sessions facilitated by Dr. Nicole Hipp. These parent informational sessions will occur through Zoom, for both local and out-of-state parents.

  • Introduction to Executive Function Skills and Mindset
    • Introductions – Get to know each other
    • Review key executive function processes
    • Discuss brain science, motivation and academic success.
    • Review “Mindset”
  • Digital Media Overuse and Responsible Technology Use in College
    • Guest Lecturer: Tracy Markle, MA, LPC
  • How to Support Your Young Adult’s Executive Functioning; What to Do and Not Do;
    • Accountability vs Enabling
    • Become aware of your EF strengths and struggles and how this influences your parenting style.
    • Digital Media Use & Academic Success
  • “What Comes Next?” Empowering Your Young Adult to Succeed in Higher Education;
    • Empowering Your Young Adult to Succeed in Higher Education
    • Living at home while attending college vs living independently
    • What is your role in their success?
  • Tailored curriculum specifically designed to prepare students for Psychology 101 or to take the Credit-by-examination program test (CLEP).
  • Please consult your university or college to determine if they accept CLEP credit.
  • The chance to engage in college-level coursework.
  • Prepares students in-person or face-to-face instruction and collaboration at the college level.
  • Our expert team will assess for college preparedness in academic, social, emotional and functional domains and make recommendations to support success.
  • Prepares students that are college-bound with skills for academic success as well as support to explore resources at their university of choice.

Supervised Independent Living Services (SILS)

Our supervised independent living services (SILS) program is offered to young adults, ages 18 and older who enroll in our Summer College Preparatory Program that begins in June and ends in July. Some of our clients will transfer to their college campus after completion of the summer program or they may continue with us through the fall months for ongoing support. 

This service is ideal for young adults who are prepared for and seeking support to live independently to be better prepared to live on their campus or local community where they are attending college. Their team of coaches meet them regularly at their apartment, near our central location, to support time management, morning routine, life management skills, and evening routine. 

SILS is indicated for young adults who live near our location, or are willing to relocate to Boulder, Colorado which allows for a short walk to our location, shopping areas, hiking trails, and social and entertainment opportunities.

Young adults with the following difficulties/diagnoses often enroll in our summer intensive, SILS program:

  • Social anxiety and/or performance anxiety issues with avoidance, especially social & academic avoidance 
  • Low self-confidence
  • Autism spectrum disorder/Social communication disorder
  • ADHD
  • Slow processing speed
  • Digital Media Overuse issues that interfere in their ability to manage college requirements or prevent them from enrolling in college, maintain social connection, and more.
  • Have had a successful completion of intensive/residential treatment and they are seeking an aftercare program to prepare them to return to their college campus. 

Our clients engage, and follow through with an individualized health and wellness plan, which includes, but is not limited to,

    • Regular movement outdoors and indoors (e.g., hiking, walking, rock climbing, gym, etc.) 
    • They prepare and engage in college courses which include the college preparatory course included in the summer intensive program, Psychology 101. If indicated, they may also attend a course at CU-Boulder during the time they are at CCS. 
    • For some, obtaining employment or engaging in volunteer work is important to their core structure and improving a sense of competence and confidence. 
    • Taking driving lessons and earning the necessary practice and hours to obtain a driver’s license. 
    • Social support is a critical part of our services, which includes regular group activities and connection with interests in the community.

All young adults engaging in our SILS program receive an average of 15-20 hours per week of face-to-face coaching. The number of coaching hours for the initial month of services is determined after the assessment process is complete.

Activities and goals include:

    • Executive function & academic coaching
    • In-home life management & coaching support
    • Transportation for grocery shopping, job searching, school-related functions, and social engagements (if needed).
    • Summer social series & community connection activities
    • Parent coaching support provided to the young adult’s parents
  • Improved emotional regulation and coping, including reducing the use of escapist and avoidant behaviors, such as screen overuse, substance use, or other areas of concern.
  • A core aspect of our services is to support the young adult’s understanding of their executive function limitations, learn and implement effective tools and resources, and receive consistent coaching to reinforce the practice of using the tools and resources.
  • Our team of coaches excels in the areas of connecting the young adult with immediate support at their school, which promotes academic and life management success.
  • Ongoing team collaboration to provide the best services possible for our clients. This includes regular team and individual supervision for team, collaboration meetings, ongoing communication with Educational Consultant (if needed), and regular communication with clients’ psychiatrist and therapist to ensure the best service for our clients.
  • We guide and empower our clients to develop the important skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining employment. Our clients typically obtain employment within 45-60 days.
  • Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Testing. These assessments, provided by Dr. Nicole Hipp, evaluate underlying mental processes impacting educational, workplace achievement and life management abilities. To understand why a person achieves at a certain level, it is critical to measure various aspects of cognition using the tools of psychological measurement. 
    Note: This is an additional fee to the SILS/therapeutic coaching monthly cost.
  • Specialized Psychotherapy Services. Our affiliate companies, Strive Psychotherapy (general outpatient mental health) and Digital Media Treatment & Education Center (specialized treatment for digital media overuse and co-occurring factors) can be included during the course of the summer supported independent living program if indicated. 
    Note: Engaging in these services is an additional fee to the SILS/therapeutic coaching monthly cost.

Social Activity Seminar Series

Many adolescents and young adults find it difficult to engage in social situations and make connections with same-aged peers. This series is designed to support those with any of the following difficulties:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Autism Spectrum & Related Issues
  • Digital Media Overuse and related issues engaging face-to-face with others
  • Pandemic induced social difficulties
  • Social Isolation

Our social seminar series is offered to young adults and adolescents aged 14 and older. Separate groups may be created based on age group and developmental level. Contact us to learn more details about our social groups and associated costs or to enroll now. The Social Activity Seminar Series is included in the cost of the Supervised Independent Living Series (SILS).

Each week, our coaches will lead the following two social activity groups, outdoors, in the beautiful City of Boulder:

  • Hiking Group: Coaches and clients will meet at one of our local hiking trails for an hour long, accessible hike.
  • Games Group & Lunch in the Park: Coaches and client’s will meet in Greenleaf park to engage in a variety of lawn games and outdoor activities, along with lunch provided by CCS.
  • CCS Fourth of July BBQ: We will hold a BBQ in honor of Independence Day in Greenleaf park and provide lunch in place of our normally scheduled Games Group & Lunch In the Park

Participants can choose to participate in one or both groups of their choosing each week, for four or six weeks. The exact schedule (e.g., date and time) of these activities will be determined at a later date.

Our Social and Wellness activities allow adolescents and young adults to meet like-minded peers, improve social connection skills, decrease social anxiety and increase confidence, while supporting their academic, emotional and recovery needs.

Pre-college summer programs 2023