Collegiate Coaching Services Virtual College Preparatory Summer Program; June 8th-July 31st, 2020

Due to social distancing requirements, students in the US and beyond will engage in college courses online for the unforeseeable future. This program provides students with important tools and strategies to be an effective online learner.

For eight weeks, students will engage in a live-streaming, virtual college classroom that exposes them to real experiences and challenges that they will likely face in higher education regarding both virtual and in-person classroom learning. The virtual college classroom will be an introduction to psychology course that will cover the objectives needed for a student to earn 3 credits for this course if the student chooses (see below for CLEP information).

The instructor of this course, Daniel Hipp, PhD, has previously taught at several universities, including University of Denver, in both graduate and undergraduate psychology. Professor Hipp has completed a doctorate degree in Developmental and Cognitive Neuroscience. He is currently a research consultant for both CCS and our sister company, Digital Media Treatment and Education Center (dTEC®).

Benefits Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Be an Effective Online Learner Pre-Course Lesson 

Led by Dr. Nicole Hipp, Collegiate Coaching Services Academic Director, students will meet online for the first time with their classmates to go over key technical areas of the program and help begin to support online learning.

    • Learn important tips & strategies to help support online learning and participation in the CCS Summer Program course:
    • Basic Technical Skills ▪ How to use the online learning platform prior to class beginning
    • Access the various online platforms for summer program course
    • Effective Time Management Online
    • Online Test Taking Strategies
    • Strategies for Focus & Attention (especially during lectures & other virtual platform meetings)
    • Etiquette/Tips & Tricks for online meetings and lectures

Building Social Capital; Student Social & Collaboration Opportunities: Our virtual program provides more hands-on instruction, collaboration and socialization with the professor and other students. Each class time will provide time for social collaboration.

  • Group break-out sessions; most lecture periods, students will engage in virtual ‘break-out’ sessions to discuss course material, work on group projects and/or complete in-class assignments.
  • Participation in online discussions with same-aged peers
  • A group project will be assigned to teach and prepare students to develop an awareness and the necessary communication and organization skills required to work with other students to complete a project.
  • Students are encouraged and supported to develop study groups that they engage in outside of class time.

Executive Function Coaching: Students will engage in individual meetings with their executive function coach two hours a week to learn about and improve broader executive function skills & life management skills. With the support of their executive function (EF) coach, students will develop skills and strategies to respond to these challenges, including, but not limited to:

  • How to evaluate an academic syllabus and determine assignments, expectations, and communication policies.
  • How to determine the most effective note taking methods for student’s learning style and instructor’s presentation style.
  • How to study and engage with class material to help with memory.
  • How to communicate with college faculty in-person and via email.
  • How to develop self-advocacy skills and explore resources and support services.
  • How to prepare for tests with and without a study guide.

Additional Student Opportunities

Writing Lab

  • Students will meet individually with the writing tutor weekly to work on preparing for and successfully completing relevant papers and writing assignments.
  • Students will be supported by their coach to sign up to meet with the writing tutor on a regular basis.

Office Hours

Professor Hipp will offer office hours weekly to students seeking one-to-one collaboration with the professor. This is also an opportunity to work on self-advocacy abilities and develop confidence when talking to a professor.

  • Academic consultations designed to help students explore majors, resources, and opportunities at their college of choice.

Earning 3 Credits for Psychology 101: Students who desire to and are prepared to receive credits for this course have the opportunity to engage in the CLEP (College-Level Examination Program). CLEP offers exams that a student can take to bypass a college course. Please Note: Not all universities and colleges recognize the CLEP or have different parameters to pass the exam, such as required score. 

Parent Opportunities 

Parent Coaching 

  • The executive function coach will schedule 3, one-to-one in person meetings, zoom or phone calls with parent(s) over the course of the 8-week program.
  • A final meeting with the student, parents, coach and professor at the conclusion of the course to discuss successes, recommendations and future goals.

Parent Informational Sessions

  • Introduction to Executive Function Skills and Mindset: June 17th at 6 PM.
  • Introductions – Get to know each other
  • Review key executive function processes
  • Discuss brain science, motivation and academic success.
  • Review “Mindset”
  • How to Support Your Young Adult’s Executive Functioning; What to Do and Not do: July 8th at 6 PM.
  • Accountability vs Enabling
  • Become aware of your EF strengths and struggles and how this influences your parenting style.
  • Digital Media Use & Academic Success
  • “What Comes Next?” July 22nd at 6 PM.
  • Empowering Your Young Adult to Succeed in Higher Education during COVID-19
  • Living at home while attending college vs living independently
  • What is your role in their success?

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We are now enrolling students in our Summer College Preparatory Program! In-Person (Hybrid) and Virtual programs are available.