Collegiate Coaching Services College Preparatory Summer Program For Teens & Young Adults

Develop & Master Executive Function Strategies

Each week, students will engage in a simulated college classroom that exposes them to real experiences and challenges that they may face in college. The simulated college classroom will be an early American history course that will focus on early European colonization to the end of Reconstruction in 1877. The instructor of this course, Stephanie Markle, has received many teaching awards such as Innovator of the Year and Best Practice educator. She is the Academic director at CCS. An executive function curriculum will be followed within the classroom and during each meeting with the student’s executive function coach.

This class will meet on Monday & Wednesdays and Tuesday’s & Thursdays from 1-3pm. With the support of their executive function (EF) coach, students will develop skills and strategies to respond to these challenges, including:

  • How to evaluate an academic syllabus and determine assignments, expectations, and communication policies.
  • How to determine the most effective note taking methods for student’s learning style and instructor’s presentation style.
  • How to study and engage with class material to help with memory.
  • How to analyze assignment rubrics and translate instructor expectations.
  • How to evaluate weekly assignments, reading requirements, and test prep to create weekly and daily to do lists and how to strategically break down large assignments into smaller, doable tasks.
  • How to prepare for tests with and without a study guide.
  • How to communicate with college faculty in-person and via email.
  • How to develop self-advocacy skills and explore resources and support services.

Students will engage in individual meetings with their executive function coach two hours a week to learn about and improve broader executive function skills including:

  • Learning to create a weekly schedule that integrates important due dates/projects into a calendar as well as studying, exercise/physical outlets, social/group commitments, entertainment, etc.
  • Creating summer session goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART).
  • Developing a favorable life management routine that includes a good sleep routine, diet, limiting or abstaining from using substances, as well as practicing responsible technology use.
  • Discussing tools and skills to increase threshold for frustration and irritability as well as decreasing anxiety.
  • Examining ways to improve ability to cope with constructive criticism; fixed mindset vs growth mindset.
  • Develop and implement tools to effectively problem solve and make thoughtful decisions.
  • Providing a space to discuss any negative thoughts and belief systems that may interfere with student’s ability to achieve academic success.

Each week an executive function process will be the focus in individual coaching meetings and the classroom:

Week One – Fixed vs. Growth Mindset (click for video)

Week Two – Organization/Time Management

Week Three – Goal Setting

Week Four – Prioritization

Week Five – Focus

Week Six – Self-Regulation & Grit; The Power of Passion and Perseverance (click for video)

Week Seven – Cognitive Flexibility

Week Eight – Memory

Parents, student, and the executive function coach will have three individual meetings with their identified coach throughout the 8-week program to discuss the student’s individual progress and areas that are being focused on during the coaching sessions. These meetings will occur at the Collegiate Coaching Services in Boulder, CO.

Parents are strongly recommended to attend four ~ one hour seminars led by Instructor and Academic Director, Stephanie Markle.

  • Introduction to the College Classroom and Executive Function Skills: June 7th @ 6 pm.
  • Executive Function Skills at Home: June 21th @ 6 pm.
  • How to Improve Communication and Prepare for Shifting Parent Roles: July 12th @ 6 pm.
  • Preparing for the Transition to College: What to Expect Next: July 26th @ 6 pm.

To receive further information and to enroll, call 303-635-6753 or email,