What Makes Collegiate Coaching Services Effective?

Collegiate coaching is a service comprised of men and women coaches who have advanced education, training and experience in the fields of mental health, addiction recovery and academics. They have a special expertise in community-based support and empowering young adults to achieve. They are well connected to community resources, the recovering community and what it has to offer, and the colleges and universities our clients attend.

In addition to our coaching team being exceptional in the areas of academics and experience, they are a compassionate, responsible, fun loving group of people.

We are effective due to our therapeutic coaching fundamentals:

  • We believe the relationship between the coach and the client is a main ingredient for growth.
  • Our coaches work to identify and build on the client’s strengths, therefore, stimulating hope and happiness.
  • One primary method our coaches utilize is assisting the client to identify and form well-crafted goals and develop an effective action plan. The role of the coach is to stimulate ideas and action and to ensure that the goals are consistent with the client’s main life values and interests.
  • Coaching is essentially about raising performance and supporting effective action.
  • Each Coach facilitates self-directed learning, personal growth, and goal attainment.
  • Coaching is a collaborative process that facilitates the client’s ability toward self-directed learning and growth.