Stephanie Markle, MA Academic Director

Stephanie has distinguished herself in the educational field by earning Innovator of the year as well as Teacher of the year for her work in various learning environments in the state of Idaho. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in social science education, a Master in Education – Instructional Design that she earned while remaining a full time teacher, and a PhD candidate at the University of Bonn in 2010 until the Syrian Civil War began in 2011.

Stephanie has been in the classroom since 2006 and was able to see firsthand how executive functioning deficits impacted students learning. This began her quest to seek out strategies on how to help students learn skills to overcome their executive functioning (EF) and self-regulation challenges. She is a regular attendee at Harvard’s Executive Function conferences and works hard to put into action research proven strategies.

An avid believer in extra-curricular activities to keep students engaged, Stephanie also coached track, cross-country, and cheerleading using her athletic experience in college to help all of her teams earn district and even state championships! In addition, she organized several study abroad trips to Europe and Asia with her student’s motivation to learn the history and culture of these areas. Stephanie took part in several scholastic programs for educators to further her own knowledge of the differing educational systems as well as the history and politics of various areas in Europe and Asia.

Stephanie has been a presenter at many conferences and workshops here and abroad. She has remade curriculum, been a member on several state standard committees, and continues to remain a consultant for a learning academy.

Stephanie enjoys being active, especially with her husband and two boys who keep her busy! Her favorite activities include running, being on her children’s schools board of directors, and reading historical fiction.

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