Shawn Perkin, MA, LPC Therapeutic Coach

Shawn comes to Collegiate Coaching Services with nearly 20 years professional experience in the psychology field. He has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, with a focus in Wilderness Therapy. Shawn holds a certification in Social and Emotional Intelligence, is Level II EMDR certified, and has received specialty training in both Men’s Group Facilitation from The Mankind Project and Gestalt Therapy Training from The Gestalt Institute of the Rockies.

Shawn got his start in this field through working with youth challenged with developmental disabilities in both school and residential settings. He went on to work with families with at-risk youth in wilderness environments; teaching wilderness awareness and survival skills. He found that oftentimes, simply becoming present and aware of both one’s surroundings and inner landscape was enough to challenge and even change the routines of unconscious and unhealthy patterns in our lives. That combination of getting families to reconnect with their own wild within was what ignited Shawn’s passion to return to school to get his Master’s Degree in Wilderness Therapy. He has since had experience in residential, outdoor experiential, and private practice settings; working almost exclusively with struggling young adults and their families.

Shawn’s approach is relational as practiced through a family systems lens. In his parent coaching, he supports parents to feel heard, grieve necessary losses in their own lives, learn how to implement and hold healthy boundaries with their adult children, and learn and effectively practice new coping and communication skills, as well. In his therapeutic coaching, Shawn holds firm yet compassionate boundaries with the young men in our program so that they may strengthen their own self-esteem and competency while continuing their journey through individuation and into self-sufficiency with great success.

Shawn believes that we can all heal; by coming back to the present moment, becoming aware of how we are who we are, offering gratitude, grieving well, and simply remembering to breath…… all the while, in relationship with ourselves, those around us, and the natural world.

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