Dr. Philip Klineburger, PhD

Executive Functioning Coach

Dr. Philip Klineburger began helping people with executive function deficits, emotional and behavioral dysregulation in 2008. This has included college students, individuals with acquired brain injury, and others in hospitals and private practice settings.

Dr. Klineburger became interested in executive functioning while learning about frontal lobe function. He earned his B.S. in psychology at Longwood University and decided to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. During his doctorate studies at Virginia Tech, he conducted research in a behavioral neuroscience lab and provided clinical services to students and community members. Dr. Klineburger has taught five courses at the college level including Psychology of Learning and Memory, Clinical Neuroscience, and others. Through this process, he began to understand how students learn as well as what barriers prevent students from learning and excelling. He has also supervised undergraduate research assistants to help them gain a footing in research. Through these activities, he developed an interest in helping undergraduates succeed in college and gain experience in research that often led to them later pursuing graduate studies.  In his clinical training he began to work extensively with acquired brain injury patients. He also assessed college students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and provided and directed them to resources to ensure their success in college. 

Dr. Klineburger moved to Denver in July 2016 after completing his doctorate in May of 2016 following his clinical internship at University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler. Dr. Klineburger enjoys being outdoors, writing and recording music, playing and building musical instruments, going to concerts, and taking his dog hiking.