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We provide academic and executive functioning coaching for young adults in Boulder, CO and executive functioning coaching for students at the School of Mines in Golden, CO. Our services are personalized to meet specific learning, developmental and emotional needs as they relate to academic and life management success. We support students to prepare for college, adjust to campus life and cope with the stressors of higher education. Young adults do not need to be in college to receive our executive functioning and therapeutic support.

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Our team specializes in digital media overuse and addiction issues, co-existing substance abuse, anxiety, depression, executive function deficits and lack of social connection. We incorporate innovative interventions and approaches to teach and empower the young person to embrace abstinence from the problem behavior, overcome fears and anxiety, connect socially and utilize technology in a moderate way.

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We provide social activities and wellness groups for our clients to meet like-minded peers, improve social connection skills, decrease social anxiety and increase confidence, while supporting their emotional and recovery needs. Our community connections are strong which allows our clients to connect with peers. Our guidance supports our clients to obtain employment and achieve success in the workplace.

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About Us

  • Our services are provided by a team of male and female coaches and therapists who have advanced education, training and experience in the fields of mental health, executive functioning deficits, academic success, digital-media abuse & addiction and education.
  • We have a special expertise in community-based, independent living support; young adult development, recovery and wellness; improvements in executive functioning and empowering young adults to achieve on and off the campus.
  • We are well connected to the colleges and universities our clients attend, community resources, the recovering community and what each has to offer.
  • Our clients have a 100% success rate when it comes to becoming employed.


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  • ACADEMIC success

    IS A CCS PRIORITY – With our support, empowerment, knowledge and accountability, our clients achieve academic success.


    CREATES A SENSE OF IDENTITY – We empower young adults to develop a community of friends and peers by introducing them to what interests them and engaging them in activities and events that challenge them to move out of their comfort zone.

  • RECOVERY From Digital Media Abuse & Addiction

    IS A SPECIALTY OF CCS – The accountability we provide and our strength-based perspective empowers our clients to feel a sense of confidence and resilience even during difficult moments.


    ARE COACHED BY CCS – Each of the three elements of CCS (Academics, Community and Recovery) are supported by our practical skills coaching.

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