Julia Putnam, BA

Academic and Executive Functioning Coach

Julia_ReesJulia earned her teaching license from the University of Richmond in 2009 and continues to use this training in her current work with young adults at Collegiate Coaching Services.  While working towards her teaching license, Julia found that she was most inspired by the students in her classroom that tended to fall behind; those that stood out as needing more individualized support. While teaching has always been a passion, Julia has shifted her focus away from the classroom and onto working one-on-one with students struggling to succeed in school. She understands that it is not unusual for those most intelligent students to struggle academically, and uses this knowledge to help students find tools and plans that fit their individual needs.

Julia utilizes a strengths-based approach and executive functioning skills training to help her students not only find organizational tools that work for their learning style and personality, but also works to help them build self-esteem so that they believe that they have what it takes to do well in school.

Julia works with students both at The University of Colorado Boulder as well as Front Range Community College. She has a strong knowledge of the systems at both schools and can help her students get connected to their respective campus’s resources.