Julia Putnam, BA Therapeutic Coach

Julia has worked with young adults in a variety of settings for the past 8 years, including recreationally, educationally, and therapeutically. Ranging from working as an educational trail crew leader in Vermont to a counselor at a wilderness camp in Pennsylvania, she has found her passion in working with young adults as they explore the world around them, and in turn, the world that exists within themselves.

Julia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education from the University of Richmond and is a licensed elementary school teacher.  As she worked towards this degree, it became more and more obvious that Julia was more interested in what was going on outside of the classroom than what was happening inside. This interest led her to Second Nature Entrada Wilderness Therapy Program, where she earned the rank of Senior Field Instructor. At Second Nature, Julia honed in on her skills of empowering young adults to make choices for themselves, encouraging personal accountability, and working with her students and clients to find meaning in situations that might otherwise seem hopeless.

Julia has always had a passion for the outdoors, and finds personal peace and self-discovery when outside. Traveling and curiosity have worked as valuable teachers in her life, as well as taking the opportunity to learn from the people around her.

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