Joseph Wolf, BA Therapeutic Coach

Joseph has over 10 years working with youth in a variety of settings including addiction counseling, English language teaching, paraprofessional work and case management.

He taught English language to young adults in Istanbul, Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro, worked as a counselor in drug and alcohol treatment centers, and provided classroom support for students with learning disabilities in California and Colorado.  His passion to help people work through challenges in and out of the classroom while directing individuals toward self improvement has always been a primary focus.  The desire to absorb new cultures, languages and understand people from all over the world was the catalyst for his teaching orphaned youth in Turkey and providing private tutoring for college students in Brazil.Joseph earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego studying English literature with a minor in World Religions. Presently he is finishing a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family therapy at Regis University.

After moving to Colorado 3 years ago from the California Bay Area he began working in a variety of jobs interacting with family systems as well as individuals. He supported parents and young adults to collaborate and find ways to develop familial strengths while changing negative destructive patterns.  Working at multiple non-profit agencies in the mental health and wellness field has allowed him to use this knowledge to help harness cohesion and growth for his clients.  His most recent jobs involved teaching life skill classes to adults with developmental disabilities, being a case manager for a large mental health agency and currently providing therapeutic coaching at Collegiate Coaching services.  Joseph has empowered people from various backgrounds and walks of life, expanding his compassion, empathy and ability to support diverse populations.  Throughout his careers he has provided clients with connections to employment, education, health benefits, therapeutic and financial support.

Outside of work Joseph loves language learning and travel; speaking Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish and having traveled and lived throughout Latin America and Europe.  He is an avid hiker and is frequently taking in the beautiful nature in and around Boulder with his family.

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