Exposure Therapy Services

The majority of our clients who seek the therapeutic and clinical services we offer, struggle with social anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder, which has resulted in isolation, lack of self-confidence, a limited or non-existent close friend/group, and in many cases symptoms of depression. Our services specialize in helping our clients overcome their self-judgments, negative thoughts, self-doubts and a pattern of avoiding by implementing exposure therapy in social and community environments.

Exposure therapy is successful behavior therapy technique used to treat anxiety disorders. It involves the exposure of the client to a feared situation without any danger, in order to overcome their anxiety. The therapeutic support person helps the client identify the cognitions, emotions and physiological arousal that accompany a fear-inducing stimulus. They work together in real life situations that cause the fear and overwhelm. The goal is to break the pattern of escape/avoidance that maintains the fear. This is done by exposing the client, in a progressive manner (least fear to most), to situations and environments.

Our social groups and activities provide our clients with a safe, therapeutic environment to begin working on their fears.