Darrel Beaty, BA Therapeutic Coach

Darrel is passionate about providing people the opportunity to discover their full potentials by challenging them to take risks, set goals, and find true fulfillment. Having over ten years of experience working with people in the community, wilderness therapy programs, and residential treatment facilities, he has had many opportunities to witness the process of change in people of all ages and backgrounds. He enjoys mentoring and encouraging youth and adults on their individual journeys through life. Darrel is currently furthering his education, studying for a Master’s degree in counseling at Prescott College. His goal is to continue learning and developing effective therapeutic and clinical skills in order to provide the best support and guidance he can with his clients.

Darrel has challenged, motivated, and inspired youth and adults across the country. Born and raised in Ohio, Darrel earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Youth Ministry at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. After graduating, he worked with adjudicated youth in the swamps of Florida where he discovered the success of Choice Theory and experiential education. Following a call to the West, Darrel moved to Utah where he worked as a Wilderness Therapy Instructor in which he became a mentor staff and helped challenge clients and develop instructors. In Oregon, at a Residential Treatment Center, Darrel aided youth in the classroom and in teaching life skills such as conflict management and pro-social behaviors. After marrying his beautiful wife, he moved to Colorado and worked in a home for developmentally disabled youth helping them explore and develop skills needed to become more self-sufficient. As a result of these experiences, Darrel is excited to continue supporting and coaching people in their pursuit and achievement of their life’s goals.

In his spare time, Darrel does not mind putting on an apron and getting creative in the kitchen with homemade pies and tasty creations. He also enjoys biking, hiking, golfing, and camping in the outdoors. Darrel’s favorite musician is Bob Dylan who inspires him with his individual lyrics and style. A future of learning and self-discovery lay ahead for Darrel, as he continues to read, study and learn about his world, meeting people and traveling to the ends of the earth.

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