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Collegiate Coaching Services College Preparatory Summer Program For Teens & Young Adults

Collegiate Coaching Services College Preparatory Summer Program Develop & Master Executive Function Strategies Each week, students will engage in a simulated college classroom that exposes them to real experiences and challenges that they may face in college. The simulated college classroom will be an early American history course that will focus on early European colonization […]

Will Your Gamer Survive College?

By Melanie Hempe, RN Note: Originally published on July 22, 2016 by Families Managing Media. I recently returned from my daughter’s college orientation at a large state university: one-and-a-half days packed full of tips and overviews on how to help your student be successful in college, from what food plan may be best to what size […]

CU Boulder Recovery Center Helping Students Fight ‘Screen Addiction’

Originally published online by the Daily Camera on 8/6/2016 Student: Netflix, Reddit served as ‘coping mechanism for life’ By Sarah Kuta Staff Writer Will Jeffery used to spend hours — sometimes days — alternating between playing video games, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and mindlessly scrolling through the online forum Reddit. When he checked into a […]

10 Tips for Getting Connected at CU Boulder

The University of Colorado-Boulder is a large campus with many opportunities to get involved. While the options can be exciting, they can also be intimidating. Below are ten tips for ways to get involved at CU: Check out the CU Campus Events Calendar.The events calendar lists many of the events occurring on campus each day. […]

Internet Technology & Video Game Overuse on the College Campus

Internet Technology & Video Game Overuse on the College Campus January 21, 2016 For all the convenience that technology brings us, an alarming percentage of people develop bad tech habits that can have serious consequences in their lives. Research has identified that 13-18 percent of college students demonstrate signs of internet addiction and technology overuse. […]

Office Hours with the College Professor

I am officially obsessed with this video. Arizona State University has done a fantastic job of illustrating the importance of visiting office hours in a fun and engaging way. As a former instructor, my favorite line from the video describes one of the side effects from using FOH (Faculty Office Hours) as “seeing your professor […]

Virtual Reality ~ Immerse & Escape from Reality; How Much is too Much?

Virtual Reality (VR) has aimed at providing just that to for the whole of its 20-year existence. From helping form better posture in those with Multiple Sclerosis (Gutiéerrez, et al, 2013) to helping those with autism develop better job interview skills (Smith, et al, 2015), VR has been training minds to conceptualize how different their […]

What Can I Do With This College Major?

The holidays are upon us and with increased contact with friends and family comes one of the dreaded questions of most college students, “So what are you going to do with that major?” This question isn’t just reserved for friends and family. Many young adults find themselves wondering about how or if their major will […]

Video Games and Internet Abuse Impact College Students

Brief Questionnaires to Assess for Addiction to the Internet and Video Games  It is very likely you or your child is addicted to the Internet if most or all of the following statements are true: Preoccupied with the Internet (thinks about previous online activity or anticipate next online session). Uses the Internet with increasing amounts […]