Where Do Our Clients Live?

Our clients who are students:

Our clients who are enrolled in one of Boulder’s local universities or community college may live in the dorms, in an apartment/shared living environment or with their parents.

Our clients who are transitioning from residential/treatment & wilderness programs:

We offer a specialized service to those transitioning from out of state and local programs called, Collegiate Coaching Services Transition Team. A lead member of this team will collaborate with the parents prior to their child’s completion of the previous program, which includes gathering information such as, the ideal budget, location and amenities. If possible, we prefer to include the young adult in this process and inquire about their specific apartment needs as well.

A member from our transition team will tour each apartment and assess the environment inside and out to ensure it is a safe and secure, all the while keeping the young adult’s specific recovery needs in mind. We ensure each apartment is a convenient walking/biking distance to public transportation, grocery stores, campus and bike paths. The Transition Team will locate the apartment, which fits the desired criteria, and ultimately the parents, and if possible the young adult will make the final decision. Once a decision is made we will assist with connecting the parent and young adult to the right person to finalize the lease details and secure the apartment.

Our clients who are living alone and with roommates:

Although we do not have a rigid policy when it comes to young adults who are transitioning from residential/treatment programs living with roommates, we will make recommendations on whether we think your child will thrive in a shared living environment or in their own apartment after the assessment process is complete. Oftentimes, our clients are more successful living alone because the environment is theirs to manage. It is not unusual for our clients, once established in Boulder to develop healthy relationships, and as a result find appropriate roommates.

Our clients who are in local residential & treatment programs:

Young adults who participate in Colorado’s local residential and treatment programs are often referred to CCS for aftercare support. Due to the proximity of most of these programs, we can arrange with the program and parents to take the young adult to view apartments in person prior to the completion of the program. This is a valuable opportunity as the young adult is able to be a part of the apartment hunting process, which we view as an important independent living skill. In addition, the young adult will have time to get to know the coaches with whom he or she will work closely with once they transition to CCS and the Boulder community occurs.

Lastly, we provide services to young adults who live locally and reside with their parents, and are not currently enrolled in a local college or university