Anthony Riske

Lead Therapeutic Coach

Anthony Riske has worked with a variety of youth in personal development programs, ranging from social activities with inner city children to adventure challenge and wilderness therapy.  Most of his clinical experience has been with high school students and college-aged adults.  Combining his experience with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University, he found a niche at Collegiate Coaching Services.  The previous 6 years of his experience in the counseling industry were in the capacity of Field Instructor and Assistant Therapist at Second Nature Entrada.  These opportunities afforded him the privilege of mentoring through many different approaches to therapy across a wide demographic.

A passion to help others and see them grow has been a driving force for Anthony’s involvement in what Collegiate Coaching Services offers.  With a team-based methodology poised to encourage, challenge, and assist clients, Anthony focuses on building strengths and supplementing weaknesses.  He believes that a relational approach to therapy opens up pathways to believing that true, honest, and healthy relationships can exist and are worth working toward.  The knowledge base he has gained working in wilderness therapy, residential treatment, and mentoring can be accredited to so many of the diverse clinicians he’s had opportunity to work alongside.

Work around personal identity and cognitive-behavioral processing are therapies his occupational history has honed in Anthony’s professionalism over the past 6 years he’s been in the industry. At Second Nature Entrada Anthony spent 8 days at a time living with, counseling, and guiding clients on nomadic backpacking trips.  This was as formative to his understanding of how those struggling with life operate, as it was for those whom he served.  Co-suffering in the difficulty of outdoor living gives Anthony a valuable perspective toward advocating for clients in society as well.

As an avid rock climber, Anthony enjoys the Boulder area for all the vertical relief it has to offer.  When not daring the heights, he enjoys dystopian plot lines and good conversation.  Anthony is also volunteers at his local church’s childcare, events planning, and life-process groups.