Anthony Riske, BA

Academic and Executive Functioning Coach

Anthony_RiskeCollegiate Coaching Services provides an avenue for success that works with whatever position a student is in. Academic/Executive Functioning skill coaching specializes in advocating for the student in distress and guiding them on an individual path to their scholastic goals. Accountability is a hallmark of the Academic/EF coaching track. Students utilizing this service will meet with a coach at least twice per week to maintain continuity of care for their progress. As CCS has a close working relationship with departments on the CU-Boulder campus who work to bridge non-traditional students to a full-time, matriculating status, we accompany our students every step of the way. For example, visiting the office of Continuing Education for academic advising, or the Disabilities office to ensure the student has proper accommodations in a common occurrence.

Anthony offers organizational support to students who struggle to track their myriad tasks, and stay diligent with those responsibilities that could overwhelm them. Anthony, along with each of our coaches has a background in therapeutic counseling that allows for certain consideration to be given to the student’s life balance as well. He works with the whole person to be sure that they are setting themselves up for success whether in the classroom or in their day-to-day life. Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress along the way and are often helpful in keeping coaches informed of helpful information.

It is Anthony’s passion to help set the steps the students are taking so that they may develop the momentum of success that leads them through barriers that have held them back in the past.